Crafting an architectural animation - Mid month update
early cycles render without textures
thirty-five minutes per frame. As more and more detail is added to the scene, render times are likely to increase exponentially.
This layout is based on an plan view advertisement in a well known newspaper for apartments in New York City. Because the plan is a line drawing, details such as window framing, borders, chair styles and even floor coverings were all left to my imagination. I referenced materials from several home improvement centers and was able to get a few ideas on how to proceed.
In many ways it is similar to decorating an apartment.

Another render of the great room
The center table, the dining room table and the dining room chairs (in the background) were also textured using procedurals. The floor, area rug, standing lamp and kitchen counter are so far the only items I've used image textures on.
The earlier, non-textured image took approximately two to three minutes to render a single frame. Now, with these basic textures, I am averaging about thirty to
This Project of the month is an animated walkthrough into an apartment great room space. Earlier this month I shared an image of the untextured furniture and room layout. For this mid month update, the image above shows the work I've been able to do in my spare time to give the room some color.
The furniture fabric has been made with procedurals- a striped pattern meant to mimic a two tone fabric.