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Episode 2

Format: DVD
Genre: Military History/Aviation Documentary
Status: Pre-production
Release Date: TBD
F-14 Tomcat. Since this is to be a naval story. many of the environments will obviously require ocean scenes and of course aircraft carriers.
As large as aircraft carriers are, they are extremely intricate ships when it comes to modeling. Antennas, radars, close-in weapon systems, nets, arresting cables, tow vehicles, catapults, lifeboats... the list is almost endless.
The Designed For Battle series of projects is intended to bring to life various military weapon designs that were either concepts that should never have left the drawing board, or excellent prototypes that were denied their place in history due to politics or the lack of available technology at the time.
Episode Two is currently slated to
cover a U.S. Navy aircraft program
that gave rise to the now legendary
with us or just aren't interested in being interviewed on camera.

It's an exciting project and I am having a blast learning new techniques for this next installment of the Designed For Battle series. Check back next month to see the latest update on Episode two.
I am experimenting with animated sky and dynamic ocean textures for this project and eagerly anticipate when my first sequence is completed.

The quest continues for interview subjects who are locally based and knowledgable about variable geometry aircraft design and flight. Unfortunately, many former engineers and pilots are no longer