Beware “Green” sweet potatoes

When it comes to my food, I don’t mess around. I do my best to eat healthy and stay away from processed food as much as I can. So you can imagine my surprise when I went to an “Organic” Food store in Mercer county to pick up some “local/organic” sweet potatoes (with the intention of making mashed potatoes to go with jerk seasoned broiled duck) and after having boiled and peeled same, discovered that the more I handled them, the greener they became- to the point of being a perfect stand-in for guacamole! After a few foul words of disgust, I threw this crap out. The attached picture has not been color corrected.

Sweet potatoes that turned green after boiling and mashing

So called “Organic” sweet potatoes that flesh began to turn green soon after boiling and mashing. This is NOT guacamole.

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