Happy New Year 2018

So I made good on my commitment to finish the first draft of the documentary (Episode 3) on Christmas Day (hey, I’m driven). This early cut comes in at around an hour.

This will be the first documentary that I will have edited using BMD Davinci Resolve 14.1 (I started with 12.5). Resolve has an interesting workflow- not unlike Premiere but different in many ways. Although they require that you use Windows 10, I was able to use Windows 7 SP1 with minimal problems (the refresh on the timeline is slooooow under Win 7). Although today’s generation prefers learning online instead of using books, I highly recommend buying a copy of BMD’s own “The Definitive Guide to Editing with DaVinci Resolve 12.5 (or 14.1) by Paul Saccone. If you work offline like I do, it is an invaluable resource to finding out some of the better workflow options within Resolve. With an excellent feature set and the cost of free, this will be my editor for some time to come.

While I was hesitant to report it, BOTH of my Canon cameras (5D and 7D) have sensor issues which unfortunately marred the footage in my last interview. I am arranging to conduct another interview within the next few weeks. I am surprised at how much a problem these cameras have been. The Canon repair center in Jamesburg has been more than accommodating but even with the discounts they have given me on repair I have paid for these units TWICE in repair costs. And while I am reluctant to switch manufacturers because of the investment in lenses and other equipment I have built around the Canon workflow, it is difficult to put continued faith in the Canon name (for me at least).

Speaking of cameras, in December I did my first recording with a Black Magic Design URSA mini 4.6k for interviews at Princeton. As has been mentioned by other reviewers, its definitely a camera that takes some getting used to- the layout is “unique” to be sure. Image quality is ok (has a slight green tint prior to color correcting) but I definitely recommend having a grip kit to control ambient light.

The new website is still a work in progress – some things worked, some things didn’t and I want it all to work right the first time.

Until the next update…

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