Episode 3 – A day at Piasecki

Wow! What can I say? It took almost a year but last Friday I was able to finally get an interview with Fred Piasecki, Vice President of Technology and Chairman of the Board of the Piasecki Aircraft Corporation! He talked about Piasecki’s interim gunship proposal, the Pathfinder II and some of the problems involved when engineers must alter existing designs to meet new requirements.

Future iNCITE! interviews Fred Piasecki of Piasecki Aircraft Corporation

Interviewing Fred Piasecki, Vice President of Technology and Chairman of the Board of Piasecki Aircraft Corp

A photograph of the Piasecki Aircraft Corporation sign

The Piasecki Aircraft Corporation plant in Essington, PA

After the interview, he took me on a tour of the plant where, lo and behold, they have the actual Pathfinder II in storage! An amazing experience in seeing this piece of American aviation history that has been largely forgotten.

So, what’s next? I’m still tracking down other possible interviewees and there is still a mountain of computer animation and motion graphics that I have to climb. But for now, this is definitely a good base camp to be in.

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