Episode 3 – The dreaded Error 22

In the midst of prepping my HDSLR rig for upcoming interview recordings, my Canon 5D Mk ii gave me the dreaded “Error 22” message. The remedy of turning the unit off and re-installing the battery did not work.

A quick browse on duckduckgo led to the information that “Error 22” has something to do with the mirror assembly. Average repair price, converted from British pounds would run about $450USD. Ouch.

Today I dropped off the camera body at the Canon Service Center and thankfully, the tech on duty Regina, discovered that the camera only needed a gear replaced. Total cost? $200USD. Less Ouch.

Looking to add some additional interviewees to the line up by mid-October.

The Naval Helicopter Association has been an amazing resource and I am looking forward to working with them on future projects.

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