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Addicted restaurant diners… and so much for a food safety summit

It’s well known that back in the day (late 1800’s early 1900s) Coca Cola used to put cocaine in its soft drink to keep customer’s coming back for more. Thankfully, that practice was outlawed, at least here. Unfortunately a few … Continue reading

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Stop-Motion, Terry Gilliam and Higher Frame Rate Camera capture

Three interesting articles: First, a look at Laika, the company that produced “Box Trolls” and how they approach stop motion animation- title=”box trolls article”> Second, an article about Terry Gilliam and his movie “Zero Theorem” And third, an interesting … Continue reading

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AAFSS doc wins three more awards at Accolade Global Film Fest!

Just received word that “Designed For Battle: VTOL Model 49 and the AAFSS Program” has earned three additional awards of merit from the 2014 Accolade Global Film Competition in the following categories: Documentary, Creativity and Research!  

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Future iNCITE! invited to speak at 2014 Blender Con

Whoa!  I received an email last night that my presentation abstract about my AAFSS documentary for the 2014 Blender Conference has been accepted! Wow! Looking forward to attending, learning and presenting.

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AAFSS doc creates a stir at AHS Int’l Pax River conf

On August 27-28, the AHS (American Helicopter Society) International, Patuxent River Chapter hosted the 4th International Specialists’ meeting on Vertical Lift Aircraft Research, Development, Test & Evaluation at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center in California, MD. Since the completion … Continue reading

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