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This holiday season – buyer be watched

I had heard rumors earlier this year regarding the XBox One and how it has a patent for technology that allows not only MS administrators but potentially third party advertisers to watch you and “reward” or “penalize” you based on … Continue reading

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Another un-winnable war in the making…

I read this yesterday, thought about it and decided to respond. The Pharmaceutical industry intends to wage an unwinnable war against the rising tide of pathogens. They plan to invest billions and trillions of dollars to stay one step … Continue reading

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Terran Trade Authority and Galactic Encounters fan video

If you grew up in the 80’s and were an avid fan of Science Fiction, then you are probably very familiar with the books of the “Terran Trade Authority” or TTA created by Stewart Cowley and the similar volumes by … Continue reading

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The Tedium of Tank building

What do battle tanks have to do with an aircraft documentary? Everything! While it would probably be efficient to create a few major scenes of a flying aircraft and render them over and over and over from different angles to … Continue reading

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Shofuso? Who knew?

I took some time off a few weeks ago to check out the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden Pavillion in Philadelphia. I had thought about utilizing it for a location for some time now (years actually) but this was the … Continue reading

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