Future iNCITE!, a monthly "web-zine" that over its eight year span gained a following of over 65,000 unique readers worldwide. The success of the webzine, writing and promotional videos lead to freelance work with many of the interviewees. As production work increased, there was little time or funds left to devote to the web-zine which was officially retired in 2010 with over 130 original interviews. Rebooted as a freelance production company, Future iNCITE! earned its first award, the following year for its behind-the-scenes documentary about the Center Players volunteer theater production of "The Heiress."
In addition to his video work, Mr. Cowels is also a contributing editor to the Cybermodeler online hobby kit review website and is a member of the American Helicopter Society (AHS international).
STARZ/ENCORE, he was next hired by the American Museum of Natural History as first Assistant Media Manager and within a year was promoted to Media Manager of the Exhibition Department in which he sourced AV presentation equipment and coordinated media exhibit installations with various trade unions for traveling and permanent exhibit halls. In addition, he also created as-built documentation for traveling A.V. installation teams, pioneered and produced interactive DVDs for exhibits, managed capital A.V. upgrade programs with budgets from $50,000 to $700,000 and was HD cameraman for the Exhibition Department's Interactive Production team.
During this time and before the social media explosion, Mr. Cowels foresaw the need to showcase local talent and technologies in his home state of New Jersey. What began as a few weekly musings, evolved into
Future iNCITE! is the company of
C. Sundiata Cowels, CTS, an award-winning videomaker and an ANSI certified technology specialist.
The filmmaking spark was ignited at an early age when he completed his first stop-motion animated film titled "The Monster" in elementary school.
His interest in visual storytelling continued into and beyond his college days at Fairleigh Dickinson University where he received his B.A. Magna Cum Laude in Communications. His senior thesis on the then coming impact of High Definition technology on the business of filmmaking was pivotal in him landing his first industry job at the company that introduced HD production to the U.S., REBO Studio LP, as Operations Manager for domestic and international documentaries.
Moving on to serve as a freelance post-production scheduler for